7Seas focuses on developing innovative games which works all across the platforms, Utilizing the state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and best-in-class human resources.

PC Games

7seas develops stunning 3D PC games of all genres. Our 3D Sudoku world has won laurels from all corners of the world when it was released worldwide via Trymedia, world’s largest games distribution portal. Kraze, our 3D car racing game is going to release shortly.

Kraze – The Ultimate Racer

‘KRAZE’ India’s first PC multi-genre car racing game is armed with anarray of the most powerful cars ever designed. Players in this game compete for the ‘Kraze Championship’ including various racing modes like off-road, rally, formula one and street race.

Win in the grand race of super cars, Get the virtual experience of fabulous race cars driving! Kraze is a spectacular Multi-genre 3D car racing game. It is a single-player as well as a multi-player game consisting of distinct track genres and speeds. Kraze provides a realistic racing experience to the gamers.

Kraze Features:

* 8 Types of distinct tracks
* Thrilling sound effects
* Awesome particle effects (Smoke, Dust)
* Cinematic multiple camera views
* Winning Scene Replay

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