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Adventure Game
The Angry Man has come to this Beautiful Island this time, and what will be the new challenge waiting for it.To Explore the New Lands as Desert-Winter, Epic Night, and many other Worlds.
Help the Angry Man to Jump and Get out of Adventure by Eating Bananas. Run and jump with Angry Man and be the King of the World. Your Mission in this Adventure Journey Game is to help the Angry Man Overcome Obstacles such as getting Hit by the Evil Enemies.
The Crabs, Octopus Lurking in the Water, the Sudden Attack of the Flying Bird, felt that Angry Man was Really in Trouble this Time. Jump Over Turtles and hit the Enemies with Bullets and hit them with the Hand Stick to Destroy Enemies.
Enhances the Game Fun.
Eat more Bananas and help Yourself Score and get More Lives to Use within the Game.

Run, Jump, Bounce and Swing on Vines as you help Angry Kid Run.

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